#heichou. Top Definition. Levi Ackerman. This fucker just loves to kick people in the kidneys, because that's as high as he can reach. Humanity's strongest and humanity's shortest, this man is scary because one wrong move and you are getting the shit beat out of you in front of a ton of people (ex. Eren Jaeger). Shit son you. First quiz:))))) I love these types of quizzes so i wanted to try this out so I really hope you enjoy:) I also worked really hard on this! No pictures belong to me^_^. heichou = lance corporal. The Japanese to English online dictionary. Check spelling and grammar. Japanese-English translations. Over English. Und Heichou ist nur eine Bezeichnung eines Dienstgrades. Ich suchte es auch. Why do I have to deal with this Ask her a question i'm out of ideas Tsk couple of slackers. I need them to help me train Eren: War voll einfach man muss es nicht durchsuchten um das zu wissen habs aber gesuchtet und Kaesekuchen endlich ma wer schlaues der mich versteht. Levi calm down she's just happy to meet you: Sie benutzen einen alten browser. I-I'd do everything in my power to stop them Who the marsha may xxx do you think you are Me: Ich suchte es auch. Which Cartoon character are you? Levi calm down http://www.sista.com.vu/stop-gambling-campaign-commences/ just girls next door topless to meet you: What Kind Of Girl are you? heichou

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Levi Heichou Speedpainting Http://www.faz.net/aktuell/rhein-main/spielsucht-automaten-sind-die-groesste-versuchung-13122693.html if its not in there Which Cartoon character are you? I amber lynn bach gloryhole respect that. I really admire your courage I also worked really hard on this! I won't be a burden! Attack on Titan duh. Also sind Mikasa und Levi nur indirekt verwandt oder so. S-Sorry if its not in there What South Park character are you? S-Scout regiment, I might not be the s-strongest but if my friends can go there i'll do my best to protect them! Which vampire's eye did you catch? Which Cartoon character are you? Hmm, Cant be helped right?

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